No survivors after fireball plane crash in the middle of suburban street

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A shocking plane crash in the middle of a suburban street has left no survivors on board, according to reports.

The accident reportedly happened when an aircraft hit a power line near the El Cajon area of San Diego at around 7:15pm local time (3:15am UK time).

An official from San Diego Sheriff's Office told local media that no survivors have been found, and they are yet to confirm how many people were on board the aircraft.

Another officer said the plane appeared to be a Learjet tail N880Z, with reports emerging later in the evening suggesting it was an air ambulance belonging to the company MedJet.

Local news station CBS8 said that more than 2,500 nearby residents have been left without electricity as a result of the incident, though it is said there has been no 'structure damage' to buildings

One vehicle is reported to have been damaged by wreckage left by the plane.

Local resident Lauren Watling told NBC San Diego: “We were outside and basically, we heard the plane getting closer."

"Normally they get loud because we live right by the airport, but it got really, really loud and all of the sudden, we think it could’ve hit our power lines above our house, but we just saw bright blue and orange flashing lights and we heard the electricity running,”

Footage from the scene shows firemen dousing an inferno in the middle of a residential street with large plumes of smoke emerging as police seal off the road.

The San Diego Sheriff's office has asked people living in the areas of El Cajon, Lakeside and Santee to avoid the site of the crash, describing it as a 'developing situation'.

The police department posted on their Twitter account: "At this time, the fire is out. It will take time to process the scene, but @FAANews [Federal Aviation Administration] and @NTSB have been notified & will handle the investigation of a plane crash in @CityofElCajon"

A video from a doorbell camera further away from the crash meanwhile shows a light object drifting downwards and lighting up the night sky at the moment of impact.

The crash comes just over two months after a plane crashed into two homes in the Santee neighbourhood of the city, killing two people.

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