North Korea faces devastating famine as state TV warns of food crisis

North Korea is staring down the barrel of a devastating famine amid self-imposed Covid restrictions and serious UN sanctions, according to a UN expert.

Kim Jong-un's country has been in worsening economic turmoil since enforcing a rigid Covid blockade last year, which has seen trade with China grind to a halt.

Moreover, Pyongyang's insistence on pressing forth with its nuclear weapons development program has forced the UN to enforce sanctions, making a bad situation even worse.

In June KCTV, the state-run TV network and propaganda machine sounded the alarm on an impending "food crisis" in the agricultural sector which already fails to feed larges swathes of the population.

Even the country's tyrant leader admitted the situation was "getting tense" that month.

Yesterday, a report from Tomas Ojea Quintana, UN special rapporteur on human rights, revealed the true extent of the disaster and called for the UN sanctions to be scrapped in order to save lives.

He wrote that ordinary citizens are "struggling on a daily basis… to live a life of dignity", adding that "the most vulnerable children and elderly are at risk of starvation".

"Sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council should be reviewed and eased when necessary to both facilitate humanitarian and life-saving assistance," he concluded.

This news comes three months after the UN's Food and Agricultural Organisation warned of a "harsh lean period" due to a potential food shortage of roughly 860,000 tonnes this year.

Relations have been particularly frosty between North Korea and the rest of the world since talks between Pyongyang and Washington broke down in 2019.

Earlier this week, Kim Jong-un blamed the US for the tensions on the Korean peninsula during a showcasing event for his new ballistic missiles.

As he stood in front of his massive arsenal, the tyrant said: "The United States has recently been sending frequent signals that it is not hostile to our country, but there is no behavioural basis to believe that it is not."

He added that his regime's primary goal now was to build an "invincible military capability".

This comes as the rogue nation has tested a raft of weapons in recent weeks, including their new ballistic Hwasong-8 missile late last month.

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