North Korea horror: Details of brutal murder leaked from secretive hermit state

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The 16-year-old is alleged to have strangled his father during an argument at their home Kimjongsuk county in the province of Ryanggang. The high school student was due to enlist with Department Five of the Korean Workers’ Party, from which male students are assigned to serve in the Supreme Guard Command tasked with protecting dictator Kim Jong-un and the rest of his family.

A 16-year-old boy from Kimjongsuk county high school strangled his father to death at his home

North Korean source

Insiders said party committee members in Kimjongsuk county might be in trouble themselves since the teen who they screened for Department Five is now in custody on suspicion of murder.

A source told Radio Free Asia: “A 16-year-old boy from Kimjongsuk county high school strangled his father to death at his home.

“He was a final candidate for Department Five of the Central Party’s Organization and Guidance Department.”

The source said the boy and his father were arguing over his studies when he launched the deadly attack.

He said: “The father, a math teacher at Kimjongsuk high school hit the computer while his son was using it to play computer games, yelling at him to study.

“In protest, the son strangled his father to death using the computer’s charger cord while they were fighting.

“He was to be assigned to the Supreme Guard Command, which protects the leadership of the Korean Workers’ Party.

“The boy was waiting for the call from Pyongyang and was ready to leave on a moment’s notice.

“But he killed his father, so the party committee of Kimjongsuk county charged him with felony murder.

“He could be sentenced to life imprisonment or death.”

An official in North Pyongang told RFA the local committee members who approved the teenager for Department Five could face punishment for their lack of judgement.

The official said: “Each year Department Five instructs each provincial party to recommend candidates, and the provincial party tells the city and county committees to submit a list of prospective teens.

“Competition is fierce, with about 1 in every 100 on the list selected to train with Department Five.

“After going through strict screening, Department Five assigns the boys to the Supreme Guard Command, whereas the girls are sent to the guest lodges or vacation homes for the country’s leaders.”

Once the candidate is selected, the local party committee is responsible for managing them before they are ready for training in Pyongyang.

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The source said: “If any of the selected candidates get sick before going to Pyongyang, the local party will immediately exclude them and submit a new list of candidates as soon as they can.

“But if the candidate commits a serious crime during this waiting period, the problem is different.

“Since this student is supposed to either please or protect the Highest Dignity, the crime is considered a ‘major fault’ for the party officials as they failed to properly evaluate the candidate’s sincerity and morality.”

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