North Korea insider’s shock Kim Jong-un claim revealed: ‘His days are numbered!’

The stark notice said that Kim’s “days are numbers” and was made by Thae Yong Ho, North Korea’s former deputy ambassador to the UK. It came just days before a summit in 2018, as US President Donald Trump and Kim locked horns over North Korea’s nuclear programme. Thae warned that North Korea would not give up its nuclear weapons despite the best efforts of Washington. He told South Korean media: “Kim Jong Un said during a party meeting that [nuclear weapons] are a treasured sword for protecting peace.

“He also said that they are the strongest assurance that guarantees the most respected and happiest life on earth.

“They are, in other words, a sword and a shield for eternal prosperity, prosperity and happiness for generations to come…He will never give them up.”

Thae defected from North Korea with his family in 2016.

As one of the highest ranking North Korean defectors, Thae frequently rallies against Kim and is considered a major critic of the regime in Pyongyang, even going as far as saying “Kim Jong-un’s days are numbered”.

That comment came in 2017, speaking to a group of foreign reporters for the first time since he left North Korea.

He was prompted to abandon the regime in part to free his two sons from what he called the “slavery” system.

Thae said: “I am sure that more defections of my colleagues will take place since North Korea is already on the slippery slope”.

Thae also predicted a “popular uprising” against the leadership.

He added: “To resolve the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, there is no other way but to eliminate the Kim Jong Un regime.”

President Trump has tried and failed to convince Kim to give up his nuclear weapons.

In February 2019, the two met in Hanoi, Vietnam, and talks initially looked promising when a reporter asked Kim whether he was considering denuclearisation.

The North Korean President responded: “If I’m not willing to do that, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

However, just hours later a scheduled lunch between Trump and Kim, as well as a potential joint signing ceremony, was cancelled as talks ultimately fell flat.

Trump said at the time: “We had to walk away from that particular suggestion. We had to walk away from that.”

They also met in Stockholm in last October – but the talks in Sweden broke off with the North’s envoy saying the US failed to show flexibility.

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The latest media furore surrounding North Korea comes as Kim Jong-un disappeared amid health rumours.

Last week, some reports suggested he is dead while the South Korean government later said Kim is “alive and well”.

Now, photographs of vessels used by the North Korean leader and his entourage have emerged.

NK Pro, a North Korean-monitoring website, says commercial satellite images show boats often used by Kim or his entourage in the Wonsan area.

The photographs come after 38 North, a US-based North Korea monitoring project, shared satellite images showing what was believed to be Kim’s personal train in Wonsan.

Seoul and Washington have argued Kim could be hiding in his Wonsan palace amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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