North Korea warns US is in NO POSITION to criticise China on human rights

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In an article carried by one of North Korea’s main state-run newspapers, the spokesman criticised recent comments by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, Pompeo said recent actions by the Chinese Communist Party suggest it is “intent upon the destruction of Western ideas, Western democracies, Western values” and “puts Americans at risk.”

The WPK spokesman said Pompeo’s remarks on Hong Kong, Taiwan, human rights and trade disputes were “nonsense.”

They accused the US Secretary of State of slandering the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

They added: “Pompeo, who has been deeply engrossed in espionage and plot-breeding against other countries, has become too ignorant to discern where the sun rises and where it sets.”

Such statements by American leaders are a sign of their concerns about a declining United States, he said.

The official made reference to the ongoing protests against police brutality.

“Demonstrators enraged by the extreme racists throng even to the White House,” the spokesman said.

“This is the reality in the US today.

“American liberalism and democracy put the cap of leftist on the demonstrators and threaten to unleash even dogs for suppression.”

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South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said it was the first time the WPK international affairs department had issued a statement of its own since North Korean leader Kim Jong-un took power in 2011.

The news comes as people worldwide protest the murder of George Floyd.

George Floyd was killed by then Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin after he knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes while detaining him.

However, tensions increased when police were ordered to disperse a group of protesters in Lafayette Square with tear gas and rubber bullets, creating a clear path for Trump to get to St John’s Episcopal Church, where he took photos.


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Bishops in charge of the church were not made aware of the visit.

Many were outraged at the police violence towards protesters fuelled by his visit.

Reverend Gini Gerbasi, from a nearby church in Georgetown, told Religious News Service that when she left briefly to get supplies, armed police began to set off tear gas to expel protesters.

“I was suddenly coughing from the tear gas.

“We heard those explosions and people would drop to the ground because you weren’t sure what it was,” Ms Gerbasi said.

“They turned holy ground into a battleground.”

The nation’s highest-ranking African-American bishop Archbishop Wilton Gregory spoke out against the visit.

The Archbishop released a statement released just before Trump’s visit to the national shrine. 

He said: “I find it baffling and reprehensible that any Catholic facility would allow itself to be so egregiously misused and manipulated in a fashion that violates our religious principles, which call us to defend the rights of all people even those with whom we might disagree.”

Archbishop Gregory has led the Archdiocese of Washington for just over a year.

He said Donald Trump’s actions in posing for photos at religious sites are “reprehensible”

The archbishop, like many claimed that Trump’s actions Monday and Tuesday were all for a photo-op.

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