Nova Scotia brothers get homeschooled in home economics during coronavirus pandemic

While kids across the country sit at kitchen tables trying to learn reading, writing and arithmetic guided by their parents, the Wood brothers in Port Hawkesbury, N.S., are getting schooled by their parents in good old-fashioned home economics.

“We make our beds. We load and unload the dishwasher. We fold clothes we wash them,” said eight-year-old Cooper Wood.

The boys have always helped out around the house, according to their parents Eric and Taralee Wood. But with the coronavirus pandemic keeping them at home, Rhylan Wood, 12, said his parents saw an opportunity to teach the kids some valuable life skills.

“So that when we grow up and have our own houses we will know how to do things.”

Eric Wood said getting the kids to help in the home was not overly difficult because he has a plan.

“Create a system and find what works for you and stick with it,” he said. “They are going to growl about it.”

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But true the secret to their success, he said, is limiting the boys’ screen time unless they take part in the home economics housework.

“It’s only one hour,” said Cooper, who said he and Rylan have to earn their extra screen time by completing the chores.

But the kids are kind of having fun with it, said their mother Taralee Wood.

“There is never a shortage of comedy around here.”

Cooper can be seen in a Facebook video dancing while he cleans the loo.

“My favourite part of the bathroom is cleaning the toilet cause the water turns blue and that’s really cool,” he said.

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