Off-road biker in balaclava rammed by police who then crush his motorcycle

Footage shows police ram an off-road biker after he was spotted allegedly riding dangerously around the streets of Salford.

The biker, who had covered his face with a balaclava, managed to escape but police said they would be taking his bike away to be crushed, MEN reports.

Greater Manchester Police's traffic division released dash-cam footage of the incident in Swinton on Tuesday (April 6).

It shows the biker riding along the pavement on Park Street before coming to a stop behind a parked car, while the police car waits.

A second biker then appears further down the road and drives towards the car.

The police car then accelerates forwards and rams straight into the front wheel of the first bike at about 6mph, knocking the rider off so that he tumbles towards the ground.

He then gets to his feet and charges towards the police car, before running in the opposite direction.

The biker escapes by hitching a lift on the second motorcycle – but he won't be getting his own bike back.

GMP Traffic tweeted: "To those who put others at risk by riding illegal off-road bikes on the roads and pavements you will be dealt with robustly in order to protect the public.

"Traffic stopped this bike by Tactical Contact on Park St, Swinton so off to the crusher.

"These two riders (one waiting in the middle of the road) had been riding around with balaclavas on for a while.

"Until #traffic spoilt their fun. Unfortunately, rider made off on the 2nd bike, but they'll not get this one back."

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