One suspect identified in illegal deer hunting investigation in Saint John

One suspect has been identified so far as New Brunswick’s Department of Public Safety investigates allegations of illegal deer hunting on the west side of Saint John.

Spokesman Geoffrey Downey said no charges have been laid in the investigation. He said public complaints of illegal hunting in the area began late last summer, with the bulk of them coming in early winter, relating to the area between Duck Cove Lane, Sand Cove Road and the Hill Cross Cemetery.

Downey said eight incidents have been investigated.

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“So far we only are aware of deer being targeted in this area in this manner,” Downey said, in an email to Global News.

In one incident earlier this month near Kean Road, a deer was found wounded with an arrow in its hip. A Facebook post, including an image of the deer, was shared more than 2,900 times.

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“Only nuisance animals or varmints can be hunted within city limits,” Downey said. “Deer aren’t classified as either.”

The Department said intentionally injuring a deer is a “major poaching offence” which carries with it a minimum $2,000 fine, one week in jail and a five-year prohibition on hunting and fishing in New Brunswick.

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