One word cost Prince Harry his relationship with William, royal expert says

Prince Harry's relationship with Prince William unravelled with "one simple word" according to a royal expert.

In paying an "extraordinarily high personal price," the Duke of Sussex has found his relationship with older brother William severed and seemingly tense.

But one word spoken by the Duke may have sealed the deal on the duo's frosty relationship, as the ghost writer of Harry's autobiography revealed.

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In a moment which caused tears between ghost writer JR Moehringer and Harry, the pair are said to have locked onto a word that may undo the relationship between Prince William and his younger brother, Daniela Elser claimed in her column.

Recounting the after-party following the release of spare, Moehringer said: "He mentioned my advice, to 'trust the book,' and said he was glad that he did, because it felt incredible to have the truth out there, to feel – his voice caught – 'free.'

"There were tears in his eyes. Mine, too."

But the final word from Harry, "free", appears to be the undoing of his and William's relationship with one another, according to Elser who said the Duke has paid a "high personal price".

She said the Duke of Sussex had thrown his relationship with his brother away "in the name of some sort of personal exorcism which might only represent temporary satisfaction."

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On whether the wounds will heal between the duo, Elser found it "as likely as Vladimir Putin cheerfully giving back the Donbas and sending Volodymyr Zelensky an apology fruit basket."

Expert Elser further elaborated the Ukraine comparisons, adding: "However, contact between the King’s sons would seem to be about as warm and open as that between Ukraine and Russia."

The icy relationship between Harry and William stems from the release of Spare, with Elser claiming: "the future King William V emerged from Spare looking like more than a bit of a d***."

She continued: "Harry, in his pursuit of 'free' has not just sacrificed his relationship with Willy but also his standing in his homeland where these days he’s about as popular as the return to the six-day working week."

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