Onlookers horrified as randy couple perform brazen sex act outside supermarket

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Police are investigating a video of a shameless couple performing a strange sex act in broad daylight at a shopping area in the centre of Sydney, Australia.

Patrons at a nearby hotel bar filmed a young woman squatting behind a man as he bent over with his hands on his knees.

Horrified onlookers were stunned by the bizarre showcase, with one onlooker heard asking: "What is happening? What is going on?"

The couple, on a bench at the pedestrian Potts Point area, showed the bizarre couple in graphic footage that was shared online this week, showcasing the woman pulling down the man's underwear.

Stunned viewers were left bewildered and appalled by the sex act, with one comment saying: "WTF?"

Other viewers saw the funny side of the wild and graphic act, noting the "perfect name" of Harris Farm Markets shop in the background, with "Aris" being cockney rhyming slang for backside.

NSW Police have confirmed an investigation has been launched into the incident after the couple were found to have "wilfully and obscenely exposed his or her person" in a public place.

The act of public exposure and obscenity is a crime under the Summary Offences Act, and anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers.

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The culprits could be fined £850 ($1,100) or jailed for six months for the crime.

Police warnings come just a few weeks after a driver in Sydney was charged with obscenity under the Summary Offences Act for walking naked into a BP petrol station.

A series of risqué crimes have been reported across the world, with a hotspot in Scotland where a couple were caught in the act near the town's "Welcome" sing.

Another report from Brazil shared of a couple getting frisky on a beach, while last August a top lawyer had to resign form his London post for being caught in the act in his glass office by a bystander.

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