OnlyFans star Elle Brooke savages opponent AJ Bunker at explosive weigh-in

Elle Brooke and Love Island star AJ Bunker's faced off angrily ahead of their upcoming bout in London tomorrow (Saturday, July 16).

The OnlyFans temptress launched a foul-mouthed tirade at her opponent, telling her that her breath “hummed” and boasting that she was more successful, sneering "…at least I make more money than you, you f*****g dead? C***."

There was also some fairly half-hearted pushing and shoving but match officials were quick to get it under control before anything got too serious.

Elle was originally due to face off against rival adult star Astrid Wett at the Indigo in London's O2 Arena but the latter pulled out of the planned scrap last month.

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Following that news, there was a very frank exchange of views between AJ and Elle on social media, leading up to an announcement early last week of a new fight at the same time and place as the original one.

Both say they have been working hard in the gym with AJ looking to make up for lost time, but earlier this week Elle shared a comparison of their respective training regimes, suggesting her opponent's isn't up to scratch.

She reposted the clip from promoter KingPyn Boxing's Instagram account to her Instagram Story for her 450,000 followers to see.

The first few seconds shows Elle's trainer repeatedly landing uppercuts to her stomach as she tenses, building up her core strength.

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Elle has been sparring with IBF bantamweight world champion Ebanie 'Blonde Bomber' Bridges in a bid to take her fight game to the next level.

"I’m not being like 'I want to be on an AJ card! I want to be a professional'," she said. "I want to smash the influencer scene and see what’s next.

"Working alongside her [Bridges] I realised that anything is possible. She’s really rubbing off on me, her success and her drive. She’s a dream to work with."

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Brooke says that that she doesn't want to be known just for OnlyFans and cited Conor McGregor and Tyson Fury as two of her biggest inspirations in the fighting world.

If it goes well for Brooke against ex-Love Island rocket Bunker, 28, she isn't ruling out a spot on the undercard of Jake Paul fight in the future either.

"Oh my god, being on a Jake Paul card is the absolute dream," she said. "I don’t see it happening in the next fight or maybe the fight after.

"But even if I could do really well on this fight, I would love to be kind of recognised by him."

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