Optical illusion seen on IKEA toilet door as people debate if it’s Jesus or dog

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Ikea shoppers have spotted either Jesus Christ or the rear end of a dog on a gents' toilet door.

A bloke who believed the pattern on the wood reveals the son of god shared the image on social media.

But others said it looked like a dog's derriere or Gandalf the wizard from Lord of the Rings, Glasgow Live reports.

The chap who spotted the apparition earlier this week asked others whether they'd noticed it too – inadvertedly creating an internet optical illusion.

He tweeted: "Em'day else clocked Jesus on the back of the gents toilet door in Ikea, Glasgow?"

A pal replied saying the veneer on the door "looks like a dugs a**e" rather than the Holy Son of God.

But plenty of others said they'd seen the Jesus over the years ever since the store opened on the outskirts of the Scottish city in 2001.

Others have said it looks like like Gandalf out of the Lord Of The Rings movies.

One suggested that it looks more like terror leader Osama Bin Laden.

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Optical illusions are made to baffle the brain – and it's really something to get a conversation going.

Most of the time you'll find yourself looking at something your friend can't see, and that's normal with an illusion.

And this one that we're about to share with you is no different.

The image shows a number of coloured spots moving and only some people can see them.

Gala Spins, the creators behind the illusion, found 71% say the orange spots on the purple background are moving for them.

Meanwhile, over 57% of people claim the blue spots on the green background appear to be moving.

And 29% of players can only see the purple spots on a blue background moving.

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So what do you see?

Bhavin Shah, Behavioural Optometrist at Central Vision Opticians, offered an explanation to the illusions.

He said: "The rotating motion is caused by signal processing of the complex image, especially in parts of the retina that are just outside the central part of the vision, as well as very tiny movements of the eyes.

"The brain assumes that the eyes are stable and not-moving, therefore it has to assume that the pattern must be moving instead, so the pattern starts to move. "

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Bhavin added: "Some people have more of these tiny eye movements than others and some are more sensitive to contrast in the pattern, so there will be some variation in the appearance of movement."

Are you looking for more optical illusions?

This mind-boggling illusion asks what shape do you see in the image.

More than 71% see a yellow butterfly, while 29% found two faces looking each other.

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