Overland flooding prompts several road closures in Big Lakes County

Overland flooding in north-central Alberta has prompted officials to close a number of roads in Big Lakes County.

In an information alert issued Wednesday afternoon, county officials said the area “is experiencing heavy spring runoff conditions, which is causing overland flooding of low-lying areas from various rivers, streams and creeks within Big Lakes County.”

Flooding, and in some cases culvert washouts, prompted officials to implement the following road closures:

  • Range Road 185 south from Township Road 742 to Township Road 740
  • Range Road 180 at Highway 2 south
  • Township Road 742 east from Range Road 160 to Range Road 154
  • Township Road 742 west from Range Road 160 to Range Road 161
  • Township Road 724 east of Highway 749 at Range Road 164
  • Range Road 93 north of Highway 2
  • Range Road 112 House Mountain Road at kilometre 23
  • Township Road 742 west of Range Road 185
  • Township Road 714 east of Range Road 163
  • Township Road 750 east of Highway 750 to Range Road 152
  • Township Road 755A

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