Pablo Escobar’s son responds to Brit claim he’s drug lord’s child rescued by MI6

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A Brit man who claims to be the secret love child of Pablo Escobar is locked in an extraordinary war of words with the notorious Colombian drug lord’s son Sebastián Marroquín.

Sebastián, who changed his name from Juan Pablo Escobar Henao in a bid to distance himself from his drug-peddling father, calls Brit Phillip Witcomb "the fake”.

Sebastián, 43, said: “This man is absolutely fake and he is spreading his lies around the world.

Speaking exclusively to the Mirror he added: “My father told me he'd forced the abortion of one of his mistresses so there are no sons outside of his marriage, that's a fact."

“This is the third guy in the world who claims to be [Escobar’s] first-born." he says. "I'm used to these kind of crazy guys.”

Nevertheless Phillip Witcomb, now 55, maintains he was born Roberto Sendoya Escobar – Pablo Escobar's first son – and he was spirited out off the cartel boss’s clutches by an MI6 agent and put up for adoption.

He was sent to a posh boarding school and, he claims, Escobar made several attempts to snatch him back.

Sebastián angrily disputed Witcomb’s story, saying that it doesn’t make any sense.

He added: “He said his father was working for MI6 to bring my father to the authorities but my father would have been 16 then.

“He wasn't the head of a cartel, he was a farmer and a student. This guy has been watching too much James Bond and Narcos."

He commented on the smash hit Netflix series too, adding: “Narcos are glorifying my father. I receive 3,000 messages every single day from social media. Most of the kids they send me pictures with the tattoos, the T-shirts about my father.

“A regular message I receive is 'I watch Narcos and I want to be like your father, it's so cool'. “I just invite them to realise this is just fiction… they don't show some experiences that we actually lived.”

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