Paranoid Putin shouting at staff – expert explains classic signs of an impending coup

Putin delivered hammer blow as Russia intelligence questioned

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The president is reportedly fearful of growing opposition to the war in Ukraine, including through the highest ranks of the Russian government. Military leaders are said to be furious about the struggling invasion as Russian forces withdraw from some areas of Ukraine, including near the capital Kyiv.

Russian forces have grappled with logistical challenges such as trouble refuelling and a lack of supplies and have failed to take control of many key Ukrainian cities, meeting strong resistance from Ukrainian troops.

Moscow’s military has also suffered heavy losses, with US military intelligence estimating that between 7,000 and 15,000 soldiers have died since the conflict began on February 24.

Experts have said that the floundering invasion may be fuelling mutiny within the highest ranks of the Kremlin.

Veteran broadcaster Andrew Neil said that some sources have suggested a coup could be on the horizon.

He said: “Western intelligence is picking up a lot of friction.”

One Western intelligence source told Mr Neil that “it’s impossible to predict, but these are the classic signs of an impending coup.”

Opposition to the war has grown within the Russian government in recent weeks amid reports of Russia’s struggles on the battlefield.

Putin’s military commanders are reportedly outraged that what was sold to them as an easy incursion into Ukraine has become a devastating and expensive conflict that has cost thousands of lives.

Mr Neil said: “Dissension has broken out at the highest levels of the Russian government. The military high command is furious that Putin’s so-called ‘walk in the park’ has become an expensive and bloody quagmire.

“Rows are breaking out between political leaders, the generals and intelligence agencies over who’s to blame and what to do.”

Putin is becoming increasingly fearful of this dissent as the war effort falters. The Russian leader is said to be lashing out at Kremlin officials and accusing insiders of betrayal.

Another source told Mr Neil: “It’s like Downfall, that German film about Hitler in his bunker.”

US officials have said that Russia is running its military campaign from Moscow without a central war commander on the ground, which may partly explain the chaos that Russian troops are experiencing on the battlefield.

Troops have been plagued by logistical problems and low morale as reports emerge of Russian soldiers being unaware that they were going to war with Ukraine, with some claiming they were lied to or only informed hours before the invasion.

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Seven Russian generals have so far died and high-ranking officials are forced to the front lines to try to tackle the many problems faced by Moscow’s forces, while Ukrainian troops have put up strong resistance in defence of their country.

On Wednesday, officials in US President Joe Biden’s administration said Putin had been misinformed by his advisers about the Russian military’s problems in Ukraine.

The declassified intelligence also showed what officials said appeared to be growing tension between Putin and Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, who was once one of the most trusted officials in the Russian leader’s inner circle.

The Kremlin has called the intelligence a “complete misunderstanding” of the situation that could have “bad consequences”.

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