Pet magpie branded crazy diva grounded after causing havoc in Greggs

A stressed-out pet owner has grounded her magpie after it started terrorising pub-goers and causing havoc in Greggs.

Mike the magpie went viral for his "diva" antics after he impressed thousands by singing "Merry Christmas" in 2018.

And while the bird has managed to stay offline, it turns out he has shifted his focus to bothering locals with words that he picked up after listening to Classic FM.

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Owner Janine MacLean, 53, says she has had to keep Mike locked up for the last three years after he went missing and caused a scene in Ribble Valley, Lancashire.

She said: "He was free to fly around and would usually turn up in the evening but he'd been missing for two days.

"He eventually turned up in a local Greggs, and he obviously caused mayhem there.

"He was flying around and jumping on the counter, talking to people. People just thought that a magpie had gone mad.

"I'm not sure why he went there. He must have heard about their steak bakes or their sausage rolls."

Janine said the bird was kindly rescued by a member of the public, reports Newsweek.

"One woman managed to get him to follow her home. She had some crumbs from one of the kid's lunches, and he followed her," she added.

The pet owner said Mike started targeting passers-by at pubs and schools from the age of one.

"He used to go out to the local pub and sit on people's pints and drink their beers," she said.

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"And he also went to a local primary school, and as everyone was lining up, he was lining up around them.

"Neighbours also came home and found him sitting on the bed – and he harassed an old lady up the street."

Janine says a local MacLean said a local farmer helped her install a £500 ($607) aviary, which extends into the kitchen of her four-bedroom home.

But now she faces another issue, as the bird has started to attack her partner Steve.

"He launches himself at him if he comes into the kitchen when he's there," Janine explained.

"He tries to pull his ear off. I think he sees it as his territory, and I feel like the age he is, he's learned to mark it. But I'm not a bird psychologist."

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