Police called to break up ‘large gathering’ discover it’s an afternoon sex party

A huge lockdown flouting sex party had an unhappy ending when cops raided a Manchester brothel.

Police were tipped off about a large gathering in Trafford on Friday and scrambled to the scene to break it up.

But unwitting cops actually stumbled upon a Friday afternoon sex party in full swing.

The brothel was raided and the ‘get together’ was brought to an abrupt end, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The orgy was scheduled to go on for two hours before a concerned member of the public tipped off police.

Officers raided a first floor flat just before 2.30pm on Friday and found customers and sex workers not exactly keeping 2 metres between them.

Police later wrote on Twitter: “Reports of a large gathering at an address on Seymour Grove, Old Trafford over the weekend.

"Patrols arrive to find a brothel and a sex party in place! FPN’s issued. Checks made to ensure staff weren’t there against their will and Trafford Council made aware re the use of premises!"

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Trafford has been at the centre of spiralling Covid-19 cases and has been kept under lockdown restrictions by the government.

Lockdown restrictions were due to be lifted in the borough, and in Bolton, last Wednesday.

When the Manchester Evening News visited the alleged brothel on Monday afternoon a woman reportedly answered the door and denied any knowledge of the incident.

"You might be better off getting in touch with the people in charge," she said, and closed the door.

A worker in a nearby shop reportedly confirmed that the premises is a brothel.

They said: “They have a pint in the pub and then a takeaway pizza and then go there if they any other needs that have to be satisfied.

Gatherings of more than two people in a private dwelling are banned in parts of northern England following lockdown.

The rules apply swathes of Manchester and people who break the restrictions can be fined £100.

A spokesperson for Trafford Council confirmed it had received a report from police and was considering what steps to take next.

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