Popular influencer ‘killed by husband who lived with dead corpse for four days’

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A lifestyle influencer was strangled by her husband who lived with her body for four days before dumping it in a forest because it started to smell, Russian police allege.

Dmitry Zhuravlev, 33, who featured prominently on her social media, has been charged with the murder of Kristina Zhuravleva, 28.

"The accused strangled her with his hands, the victim died at the scene,” a police source told E1 media.

A court has detained him for two months as the murder probe proceeds.

With the body decomposing, after four days Zhuravlev drove the corpse to woodland close to Aramil, 15 miles southeast of Yekaterinburg, in western Russia.

The remains of the well-known lifestyle guru were found by a passing motorist who stopped to relieve himself.

Investigators took two weeks to discover it was Zhuravleva’s body.

“The suspect did not dare to get rid of the body for four days,” said Interior Ministry spokesman Valery Gorelykh.

"All this time, the deceased wife was at home until the first signs of decomposition appeared. To hide the traces of crime, the suspect rented a car and drove the body to…. a forest.”

Talented online businesswoman Kristina was the only breadwinner in the family, but reports say Zhuravlev had accrued significant debts.

He often appeared as a model in her posts.

A former teacher she ran her own social media outlet with tens of thousands of subscribers and was a successful client account manager.

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Ms Ekaterina, a relative of the suspect said: "He could not have done it, Kristina was his family, his idol, his god.”

Kristina often posted her love for him.

She wrote: "There are no words to describe what is happening between us.

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“It is more than tenderness and care, it is love, it is something consuming, in every cell, in every look, in every thought.”

In another she said: "I am crazily proud of my man.

“He is my rock, who calms me down and supports me, someone who loves all my flaws.”

She said he was 'an extraordinary husband… my 100% hero”.

But she also posted that he was “jealous” when she wore a tight dress to a shopping mall.

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