Prince Harry determined not to lose Meghan to misinformation that killed Diana

Prince Harry is determined not to lose his wife Meghan Markle to the "global misinformation crisis" that he says killed his late mother, Princess Diana.

Taking part in a discussion on misinformation at the RE:WIRED summit hosted by Wired magazine, Harry said the scale of the misinformation issue was "terrifying", Express reports.

He said: "I lost my mother to this self-manufactured rabidness.

"And obviously I'm determined not to lose the mother to my children to the same thing."

Referring back to his documentary on mental health, The Me You Can't See, released earlier this year, the Duke of Sussex explained: "What I said in the mental health series many months ago, that they wont stop until she's dead, that was I guess more of a warning not a challenge."

Harry also added that he and Meghan will not be joining social media until things change.

His appearance comes after the Duchess of Sussex spoke at The New York Times' DealBook online summit.

Meghan spoke at event as she explained how women can achieve professional and economic parity earlier on Tuesday.

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It was announced last week that Harry would be taking part in the misinformation event.

The organisers wrote: "The Duke of Sussex joins misinformation experts for a session titled The Internet Lie Machine, which will examine what the real cost of a lie on the internet is – to ourselves, our communities, and our societies.

"As social media algorithms reward shock value over reality, as the line between fact and fiction weakens every day, as media propaganda and online hatred run rampant, the panel will examine how we got here, and, perhaps more importantly: how we can get out of this mess."

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