Prince William angry with Harry for disrespecting the Queen and Royal Family

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Prince William, 39, is reportedly angry with his brother for disrespecting the Queen, 96, and the Royal Family.

The Duke of Cambridge reckons Prince Harry, 37, has "crossed a line" with his behaviour and the rift between the two siblings is continuing to widen, according to Mail Online.

William will turn 40 on Tuesday but, whether he is wished many happy returns by Harry from the other side of the Atlantic or even sent a card, seems uncertain given their alleged strained relationship.

And sources close to William suggest there are no signs of a thawing in the frosty tensions between the brothers.

"The rift with his brother has been really hard on William," said one source. "It's as if he is mourning the relationship he has lost. People don't realise he sort of fathered Harry to a degree.

"He wasn't just his brother, he was also a parent, always trying to pull Harry back from the brink. But make no mistake, he's angry. He believes Harry has disrespected the Queen and their family."

The tension could intensify, too, with Harry releasing his memoirs later in the year as part of a multi-million pound deal.

William remains protective of his younger brother, though, and will keep the door open to him forever according to sources.

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Another friend believes Harry always had reservations about royal life and hinted that the pressure of living and working with William put an enormous strain on their relationship.

They went on to add that Meghan Markle complicated matters, too.

William is reportedly still angry about Meghan's claims in last year’s interview with Oprah Winfrey that it was his wife Kate Middleton who made her cry before her wedding to Harry and not the other way around.

His relationship with his brother is in stark contrast to other aspects of his life with his marriage to Kate as strong as ever and fatherhood bringing contentment.

His relationship with his father, Prince Charles, also seems to have improved after appearing turbulent at different points in his life, especially in his early teens.

Asked whether they thought that William would repair his bond with Harry, a friend replied that William was 'very principled' and thinks that his younger brother has crossed a line.

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