Prince William can be self-righteous and spoilt little ***** says acquaintance

An acquaintance of Prince William has alleged that he can be “a self-righteous and spoilt little *****”.

According to the story written in the Telegraph by royal expert Simon Heffer, the source added however that the Prince does have the best interests of the royal family at heart regarding the situation with brother Harry and his upcoming memoir.

Furthermore, Heffer has claimed that sources classed as “former friends” of Harry reckon he won’t "enjoy living in exile in America for very much longer".

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Heffer reports that, according to courtiers, Charles will welcome Harry back if he decides to return to the UK, but they don’t think William will "accept a reconciliation” with his brother.

Furthermore, the publication claims that Charles’ ability to forgive relies on Harry’s upcoming book not being so damaging that it completely destroys the possibility for relations to repair.

Harry’s book is due to be released on January 10 amid fears that it could contain some incendiary revelations about the royal family and he and Meghan’s exit from senior roles.

Reports claim that the Duke of Sussex planned to re-write the final chapter of the tell-all following the death of his beloved grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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The monarch passed away in September, plunging the family into mourning.

But despite a strong outward-facing united appearance from the brothers in the days following her death, it seems all has not been smoothed over behind the scenes.

According to Heffer, William is, "appalled at his brother’s general behavior" and can't believe the book is going to be released.

Harry has said the book will be an accurate and “wholly truthful” account of his life” which will plan all parts of his journey to the man he is today.

In it he will work through his childhood, his journey coming of age as a royal and the process that saw him and his wife Meghan Markle leave the country for a new life in America.

Only time will tell whether the book is damaging for relationships, or proves to be a way back for the Prince and his family.


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