Private investigator dishes dirt on celebs misbehaving and issues warning

A private investigator has issued a warning to the public against “lying and cheating” – as you never know who could be watching.

Stephen*, an investigator from UK Private Investigators, has described the cases from his 24 years in the job that stick out in his mind.

The majority of cases Stephen covers relate to infidelity or missing persons, but there are numerous investigative solutions available to clients, so no two days are ever the same, The Liverpool Echo reports.

He said: "So many people seem to think they can cheat and lie their way through life and get away with it – but they seem to forget that there are people like us out there, waiting to catch them out.

“We had a client who was convinced that her husband was having an affair. He was and we caught him in the act, so to speak.

"He had booked a number of hotel rooms, under different names in order to hide the fact that he was 'up to no good'.

"In the end, he took his 'lover' to a public car park, where we caught them having sex in the back seat. All a bit sordid really when you consider he was a very wealthy man.

“We have even caught a few local celebrities misbehaving…..we can't mention names, obviously!”

However, Stephen said the job is not as exciting as it seems, or as glamorous as some of the fictional depictions on television.

He said: "It can be said that the TV shows generally over glamourise the business.

"They give the impression it is all stake outs, undercover cases, macs and sunglasses.

"In all honesty, much of the work is trawling through records or knocking on doors – yes, some of us still do that.

"We do also, take many undercover cases and on occasion, the work can be very exciting – even after 24 years. It's not James Bond though!”

*Name changed on request

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