Proud Diana would have approved of both sons exceptional wives, Fergie says

Princess Diana would have approved of both William and Harry’s wives, the Duchess of York says.

Sarah Ferguson, 61, said the "people’s princess" would have been “very proud” of her sons were she still alive, The Mirror reports.

She said in an interview with Australia's The Kyle & Jackie O Show: "I think she would have been very proud of her boys standing firm and tall. They're very like her, and she would have been very proud.

“I think they're exceptional, exceptional boys with exceptional wives and fabulous children. I think she would be going, ‘Yes!’”

Prince William wed Kate Middleton at a lavish ceremony at Westminster Abbey in 2011, while Prince Harry married Meghan Markle at a celeb spectacular at Windsor Castle in 2018.

Harry, 36, and Meghan, 40, announced they would step down from their duties as members of the royal family in January last year.

The pair subsequently moved to Los Angeles and went on to speak to Oprah Winfrey in an explosive tell-all interview earlier this year.

Harry and Meghan made a series of claims about the Royal Family, including that one member had speculated about what colour Archie's skin would be.

Meghan also described how the palace allegedly failed to support her when she was battling suicidal thoughts.

The Duchess of York, who is divorced from Prince Andrew, acknowledged the fallout from Harry and Meghan’s departure from the UK and the Royal Family, saying that “life is tough enough”.

“We don't need to be judging others," she told The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

"We need to be open to seeing life in another way.”

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Fergie was close friends with Diana, who was tragically died aged 36, in a Paris car crash in 1997.

Whilst reflecting on their relationship, she speculated on what kind of grandmother Diana would have been.

She said: “Oh my goodness, can you imagine the grandmother races that we would have together? The parties!”

“I would bounce her off the bouncy castle, that's for sure,” she joked.

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