Psycho, 15, chillingly described excitedly trembling before killing old couple

Ask many teenage boys what they want to be when they grow up and chances are they will say “footballer” – not serial killer.

But Daniel Marsh, 15, wasn’t like other kids, and he while pals dreamed of scoring goals and winning trophies, his mind was firmly set on torture, murder and carnage.

His dedication to his future ‘career’ meant that he spent hours studying previous cases, indulging himself in hours of gory ‘research’, learning about weapons, forensics, and fantasising about brutally snuffing out innocent lives.

Daniel’s interests in the dark side of humanity were no secret, and ran alongside violent and antisocial behaviour.

He was even diagnosed by doctors as being a psychopath.

In the early hours of 14 April 2013, Daniel decided it was time to make his fantasies a reality, and snuck out of the family home in Davis, California, to stalk the streets of his neighbourhood.

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Perhaps inspired by Richard Ramirez or BTK the teen began looking for an open door or window, and when he arrived at the home of Claudia Maupin, 76, and Oliver ‘Chip’ Northup, 87, he had struck gold.

After cutting through a window screen he made his way in to their bedroom where the couple, who had 11 children, 14 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren between them, were sleeping soundly.

He later recalled that he “went to their bedroom, I opened the door, then I just kind of stood over their bed, watching them sleep for a few minutes.

“My body was trembling. I was nervous but excited and exhilarated. I was actually gonna do it, I was there, it was finally happening.”

After a moment’s pause, Marsh sprang in to action, violently stabbing each of them more than 60 times.

Not finished, he then dissected their corpses and ripped out their internal organs, leaving their defiled remains to be discovered the following day.

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Marsh said: “I cut open both of their torsos, you around here [points to two areas of his chest], and in the woman I put a phone inside of her and I put a cup inside the guy.”

Due to his extensive planning, the vicious teen left no leads for police to track down the much-loved couple’s killer. There was no DNA, fingerprints or footprints for them to track.

Twenty-five FBI agents were brought in to find the killer – and they too were unable to crack the case.

It looked as though Daniel Marsh had pulled off the perfect crime – and it could have meant he became one of the most feared serial killers the US had dealt with in decades – but he couldn’t stop bragging about what he did.

His friends kept quiet for almost two months about his confession, claiming that they were terrified of him, and that they had seen the murder weapon, which he kept bringing to school.

His pals eventually told police that he was responsible for the grisly killing, and in June 2013 he was finally arrested.

He told investigators that killing Claudia and Chip had given him a feeling of “pure happiness” that had lasted for weeks and was “the most exhilarating, enjoyable feeling I’ve ever felt.”

Marsh had stashed the murder weapon and his bloodied clothes in his mum’s garage as grisly souvenirs, which he willingly directed police to.

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He also showed no remorse for his crimes, and went into great detail about how he would kill the policeman interviewing him, too.

He said: “Just a lot of ways. Choking you to death with your tie. Beating your face into the mirror until it broke and using the glass to cut your arteries, gouging your eyes out, and just smashing your face into the wall. Nothing personal.”

The following year Marsh – then 17, was tried as an adult and after being found guilty of first degree murder was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole eligibility for 52 years.

In 2018 there was outrage when Daniel was allowed to record a TED Talk titled ‘Embracing Our Humanity’. After two days it was removed due to outrage from his victims’ families.

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