Puppet president Joe Biden brutally mocked as US leader PLUNGES in new polls

Joe Biden arrives back at White House after Wilmington trip

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President Joe Biden suffered a huge blow with the latest poll showing his popularity has dropped to an all-time low of just 50.4 percent. Polling aggregator FiveThirtyEight has been updating the President’s popularity rating based on regular polling. The devastating results come in tandem with a rising disapproval rating, which stands at 43.6 percent – the highest during his presidency so far. And now, Mr Biden has been brutally mocked by Express.co.uk readers with some calling him a “puppet president”.

One reader wrote: “Biden is past it and not strong enough to be president.

“Whilst Trump may have had many faults he was a strong leader and this is what the US needs, a strong leader also prepared to tackle the left wing baloney spreading around the US with BLM and gender identity nonsense.

“Russia and China must be happy at such a weak president he is, too old and this can only be a huge concern.”

Another added: “Why would anyone be surprised? Have to say I thought he would have dropped to 25 percent.

“Biden won’t last this term. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Clinton all need to be impeached.

“The USA needs a strong president like Donald.”

A third said: “Senility affects many old people. They should be treated with compassion and kindness.

“However they should not be elected as The President of the United States.”

A fourth reader added: “I’m an American. Living in America now is a horrific nightmare!

“Between Biden, Pelosi, Fauci, and all the other pathetic Dems, it is becoming unbearable! All I do is pray!!!”

Another person said: “He was never popular to begin with.

“No-one outside America’s east and west coast actually believes he won the election.”

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The news comes after Mr Biden saw his approval rating stay lower than that of former president Barack Obama, and well below John F Kennedy and Jimmy Carter at the same point in their terms.

US citizens are concerned about a range of factors including the coronavirus pandemic, economy and vaccination rates.

The US has also seen the biggest jump in inflation in more than a decade, with rates at 5.4 percent over a year.

Jay Campbell, a partner at Hart Research Associates and Democratic pollster for the survey said: “I think it all comes down to Covid.

“If the Covid situation had continued to improve the way it was improving in the first quarter, all of these numbers would look very different.

“And ultimately, someone has to be responsible for that. And right now it’s Joe Biden.”

There has also been a shortage of workers following the pandemic, with available jobs soaring to 10.1 million in June according to Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey.

This means job openings are currently exceeding the number of Americans looking for work.

Nick Bunker, director of research at the Indeed Hiring Lab told Insider: “Employers’ demand for workers is incredibly strong. But at the same time, labour supply is, at least for now, not that abundant.

“Whether this level of tightness will continue depends on whether demand can stay this high and how quickly workers will return to the labour force.”

On average there are 75,000 new cases of Covid reported every day in the US, which has increased significantly from the 12,000 a day in June.

The Delta variant – which is highly contagious – has been spreading across the United States – with 50.8 percent of the population being fully vaccinated.

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