Putin commander threatens ‘Satanic West will fall in holy war’ in bizarre rant

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One of Vladimir Putin’s top commanders has praised Russia’s bloodthirsty leader for engaging in a “holy war” against the West and warned that Europe will fall in the fighting.

The comments were made by Apti Alaudinov, a commander of the special Chechen Akhmat detachment, in a bizarre rant on Russia State TV.

During the clip, which was shared on Twitter by journalist Julia Davis, the commander praised Putin’s anti-LGBT stance and claimed that the West is likely to find itself on the wrong side of history during the odd tirade.

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“I praise the Most High that this country is headed by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, because he is the man that refused to accept the so-called European values. In reality, those are Satanist values that are imposed upon the entire world,” he said.

“We are not under the flags of the LGBT, and as long as he’s alive we won’t be under those flags, I believe that is the most important thing to see.”

The war in Ukraine is nearing its fifth month, and Putin’s forces are yet to penetrate the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, despite reports of heavy losses among its troops.

And, after the mother of a Russian soldier who was killed in Ukraine claimed that the population hates their leader, Alaudinov doubled down in his support for the under-fire despot, and even suggested that the war is already won.

“We won solely because this country is headed by Putin, we won solely because he has the manpower to stand up against these people,” he continued.

“I will tell you, be confident, not one person in this country should doubt that Europe will fall and America will fall, but Russia will stand so firmly on its feet that they’ll be begging to join us and asking our forgiveness.

“The Most High will warm them up on judgement day in Hell. In this world, until they understand their place, they will be cold and starving.

“But not because we’re evil, Russia is not evil, but because they moved away from God.”

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But, rather than ending the bloodshed of innocent civilians caught up in the fighting, Alaudinov went on to suggest that he hopes Russia’s warmongering spreads into new terrain beyond Ukraine’s borders.

“We have already won. The question is when we get to Kyiv, I hope that we will not be stopped, and we will get to Warsaw and the rest of the cities who have to be put in their place,” he added.

“If there is a command from our commander-in-chief, our nation’s forces can defeat NATO’s forces, which are just puppet theatres.”


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