Putin displays full force of his deadly S-400 missile system in veiled threat to NATO

In mid-march, NATO conducted a military drill involving two US B-2 stealth bombers and three Norwegian F-35 fighter jets in the North Atlantic. Russia responded by a show of strength of its air defence forces. The former communist state carried out a test with its dangerous S-400 system deployed in Novaya Zemlya in northern Russia.

The S-400 anti-aircraft weapon system is among the most advanced in the world.

The Russian military has now published footage of their barrage of missiles launching from their S-400 system.

The missile system is so advanced that even Western military experts fear it can down even the most advanced fighters and bombers.

The Russian military has said in a statement: “At the Ashuluk practice range in the Astrakhan Region, the teams of an anti-aircraft missile regiment from the Leningrad air defence unit of the Western Military District live-fired S-400 ‘Triumph’ surface-to-air missiles against air targets.

“During their combat duty, they detected and struck target missiles that simulated the nominal enemy’s modern and future air attack weapons”.

The S-400 system was developed by Almaz Central Design Bureau of Russia.

The new system replaced the S-300P and S-200 air defence systems of the Russian Army.

The S-400 was developed as an upgrade of the S-300 series of surface-to-air missile systems.

The system entered service in April 2007 and the first S-400 was deployed in combat in August 2007.

Russia set up four S-400 regiments defending national airspace in the Moscow region, the Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad, and the Eastern Military District.

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Russia supplied two regiments of the S-400 Triumph system to the Armed Forces of China by July 2019.

Turkey has purchased the S-400 air defence systems.

A contract for the delivery of the S-400 Triumph to Turkey was signed in April 2017.

The first batch was delivered in July 2019.

In October 2018, Russian weapons manufacturer Rosoboronexport signed a contract with India to deliver S-400 Triumph air defence missile system.

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