Putin fumes as 12 senior officers wiped out in single strike after defences fail

Russia has suffered yet another critical loss in their invasion of Ukraine after a US-supplied missile launcher destroyed a Russian command post, leaving Russian president Vladimir Putin furious.

The HIMARS missiles were launched at an occupied region of Ukraine where a reported 12 senior officers, including generals and colonels, were based.

Missiles were fired at Chornobaivka in the Kherson region, with the attack praised as part of a counter measure against Russian forces who are continuing their invasion of Ukraine.

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Damage to the area, alongside the reported death of 12 senior officials, also included the apparent destruction of a dozen weapons systems and military equipment in the area.

Pro-Russian sources were reportedly furious with the attacks, with Russian state TV reporter Alexander Sladkov fuming that Ukraine "has struck several times at our decision-making centres – with results."

Sladkov continued: "The centres are small but important. I will not write here where, when, how much, and who [was hit] in order not to give out military secrets.

"My question is simple: when will this bull**** end? Can you **** the military-industrial complex so that we finally have the preventive [means to stop these missile attacks]."

It isn't just state television that fumed over the missile strike, but Vladimir Putin himself.

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One report claimed that Putin is so enraged that he is now pinpointing scapegoats for the attack, with his own allies potentially taking the blame for the failure of the S-400 missile defence system.

Former prime minister Mikhail Fradkov could be fired and even face criminal action over the defensive failure, as could state-owned arms company director-general Yan Novikov.

A report on the attack that left 12 Russian officers dead stated: "Not only that – during an attack on a military base in Ilovaisk, HIMARS missiles destroyed the S-400 complex, which was supposed to protect the area from air strikes."

Rumours over a lack of ammunition for Putin's forces have aired alongside the missile defence failure, as Ukraine are reportedly gearing up a million troops to take back the southern region held by Russia.


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