Putin suffers ‘humiliating defeat’ as ‘graveyard’ of Russian combat vehicles revealed

Ukraine: Reporters shown 'graveyard' of Russian combat vehicles

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Ukrainian soldiers defending from the Russian invasion have revealed the scene of a humiliating defeat for Putin’s military.

In a failed attempt to cross the Donets River to reach the Ukrainian stronghold of Severodonetsk, Russian soldiers came under fierce attack from defending forces.

Russian military vehicles have been destroyed and Ukrainian forces claim hundreds of soldiers were killed in the defensive attack.

Special correspondent for Sky News Alex Crawford visited the scene of the Russian defeat and confirmed evidence of a significant loss for Russia.

The reporter said: “The graveyard of Russian combat vehicles will go down in the Ukrainian military history books as one of the federation’s most humiliating defeats.”

A Ukrainian soldier interviewed about the defeat declared the Russian mission was clearly poorly planned as Putin’s conscripts essentially became cannon fodder.

He said: “It seems like they were some sort of suicide club, or their commanders didn’t care for them – it’s strange.

“They just sent them to die and they followed stupid, stupid orders from their commanders.”

Ms Crawford reviewed footage from the Ukraine military which captured the defeat of the invading Russians.

“The footage shows Russian vehicles, some already in the river, being attacked on all sides. 

“Russian soldiers are seen jumping from the top of their armoured vehicle, into the water to escape.

“Certainly, the wreckage we saw indicated there had been significant losses.”

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She continued: “The Ukrainians say hundreds of Russians were killed, although that’s difficult to verify as the bodies had been cleared before we got here.”

Although the exact number of Russian fatalities could not be confirmed, evidence of the destruction remaining at the scene in addition to footage captured by defending troops suggested Putin’s forces had suffered a severe blow.

Ms Crawford added: “The ferocity of the firepower was intense.

“The Ukrainians say they wiped out a whole battalion.”

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The Russian soldiers had been attempting to cross the Donets River using bridges built by the village of Bilohorivka.

Russian troops had made the advance in an attempt to surround the Ukrainian-held Severodonetsk in Luhansk.

The Ukrainian stronghold continues to defend against the persistent Russian drive to capture the Donbas region.

Ms Crawford asserted the Ukrainian troops were continuing their defence, motivated further by the recent defeat of the Russian military.

She said: “This significant win has massively boosted their morale.”

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