Putin’s torturers ‘raped Ukrainian soldier for days in sickening war crime

Russian soldier pleads to a Ukrainian drone not to kill him

Vladimir Putin’s troops have been accused of committing mass torture and war crimes in an explosive new dossier outlining their depraved actions against Ukraine.

Russian soldiers allegedly raped a Ukrainian soldier for three days in a row and choked prisoners with gas masks in a series of horrific crimes.

The female soldier raped for three days was later taken away and has not been since her brutal ordeal.

Dignity, a Danish anti-torture group, levelled the charges against the Russian army in an explosive new dossier first seen by DailyMail.com.

In a jarring, graphic case, Dignity claims a military volunteer in Mariupol, Ukraine, was taken from his jail cell and tortured for five months.

The volunteer told Dignity that he was bound, gagged, beaten, strangled with electrical wire until he passed out, then doused in water to wake him up only so the torment could start over again.

Speaking to the group, the unnamed man said: “On the third day, I asked my tormentors … finish me off, because I didn’t have anything to tell them.

“[One of the torturers] called one of his supervisors [and] showed me to him through the phone. The one on the phone just nodded and said nothing.”

His captors ignored the order, and in a horrific statement, they said: “Wait. It’s too early. You haven’t gone through all seven circles of hell yet.”

In more disgusting claims, a prisoner held in Zaporizhzhia said: “I heard a female soldier being raped. This lasted for about three days.

“Then I couldn’t hear her anymore and I don’t know what happened with her.”

WARNING: Graphic images are published below.

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Dignity also claimed that Russian soldiers put gas masks on prisoners’ heads to starve them of oxygen until they nearly passed out.

Prisoners would then be allowed to take a breath so the torture could start over again.

Serhiy Mak, a resident of Kherson, told the group he was subjected to terrible torture. He said: “They tortured me for five days – they beat me with a cable, beat me with a wire from a charger, put on a gas mask, strangled.

“On the sixth day they said: ‘You will sing better tomorrow.’ The next day they brought a device for electrocuting. It lasted for an hour…

“They [also] put a gun to my temple and pulled the trigger.”

Therese Rytter, legal director of Dignity, told the Daily Mail: “This report documents over 700 human rights violations including 152 cases of torture and inhumane treatment.

“The report reveals torture has been used in official places of detention in order to extract confessions, intimidate prisoners, and to coerce obedience to the Russian administration.

“We also see torture used in unofficial places of detention against civilians by the Russians with the purpose of identifying persons who might be a threat to the regime, or those persons who might be pro-Ukrainian to punish them and also to punish lack of cooperation.’

“We see physical torture such as beatings, electroshocks and suffocation. We also see psychological torture such as threats of execution, mock execution, and violence against the victims and their families.”

The latest evidence of torture comes as Donald Trump vowed he would end the war in Ukraine within one day should be become President, but refused to say he would back Kyiv.

The one-term president was repeatedly asked by CNN host Kaitlan Collins if he backed Ukraine in its 15-month conflict with Vladimir Putin’s forces, and repeatedly dodged the question.

“I don’t think in terms of winning and losing,” the former President said. “I think in terms of getting it settled so we stop killing all these people and breaking down this country.”

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