Python on the loose as owner warns he could ‘easily’ scale building and escape

A three-foot-long royal python has escaped its third floor flat, sparking fears it could be lurking in city bushes.

Worried owner Libby Hayman who cares for more than six reptiles at home has been left baffled by her snake's Harry Houdini efforts out of his vivarium.

Libby believes Peralta – who she named after a detective in US sitcom Brooklyn 99 – must have squeezed his long body through a tiny three inch gap in her balcony doors, DevonLive reports.

The python escaped from Libby's sight on Wednesday and is likely now scared alone on the streets of Exeter.

Mum-of-two Libby said: ''I live on the third floor in a block of flats and I've got balcony doors.

''There is a gap which is around three-inches big and glass panels. I wouldn't put it past him to go out there.

''He could easily scale down the building and go into the bushes outside.

''The other option is that he is hiding in the house somewhere.''

Libby says her two young children are 'gutted' following Peralta's disappearance.

She said: ''He has a vivarium in the kitchen next to the chameleon and the gecko and when I woke up on the sofa at around 11pm. I went to go and turn all of their lights and everything off and he was in there then.

''He has to have a bath everyday and have ointment put on him as he has a scale problem.

''I ran his bath went to go and get him and he was gone.

''My main concern is that because of this problem he has, if he doesn't get his treatment he could get quite ill.''

Libby claims that Peralta does not pose a danger to the public or wildlife.

She said: ''He is no danger to anyone. He won't gobble anyone up and he won't hurt your pets.

''A bite from a cat would be worse than what he would give you.

'''He has never bitten anyone or shown signs of aggression.

''But if he is outside in the cold, he is probably very scared, I don't know what could happen just like with any animal.

''I would find it very unlikely that if anyone did spot him that he would go near them let alone try and bite them.''

Libby says that Peralta is likely to be in the Water Lane/Haven Banks area of the city.

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