Queen to be buried along with Prince Philip in St Georges Chapel

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, her body was moved from Balmoral Castle in Scotland, down to the Palace of Westminster in London for the lying-in-state.

There it remained for days as tens of thousands of mourners filed past the coffin as they paid their respects to the beloved monarch.

That came to a close today (September 19), when it was moved from there to Westminster Abbey by the Royal gun carriage for the state funeral.

The monarch’s coffin journeyed once more to Wellington Arch after the service, before being transferred to the state hearse and being transported to Windsor.

Now the coffin is about to arrive at the final resting place of St George VI’s Chapel for the committal service with the Royal Family.

After so much time, some have speculated whether the monarch’s body has been embalmed, something that isn’t unheard of for the Royals.

This 30-minute ceremony will not be the end of the events though, as it has its most important service to go before burial.

What will happen to the Queen's body after committal service?

Following the end of the committal service, which is scheduled to come to a close around 4.30pm, there will be one final service of the day.

This is the burial service at 7.30pm, which is strictly for Royal Family members only.

It will also be a closed-door ceremony, meaning it will not be televised for the public to see, unlike the committal service which will air on BBC One, ITV and Sky News.

During this service, the Queen’s body will be laid to rest for the final time.

The monarch will be buried alongside her father, King George VI at the King George VI memorial chapel.

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The Queen’s body will be buried in a small annex of the chapel, in the same location her sister, Princess Margaret’s ashes are kept.

This is also the location of The Queen Mother, who the Queen will also be buried beside.

Prince Philip, who died in 2021 at the age of 99, will be buried alongside the Queen as well.

Earth will be scattered on the coffin from Frogmore’s royal mausoleum, which is nearby from the church.

Can you watch the Queen’s burial service on TV?

The Queen’s burial service is strictly for Royal Family members only and will not be shown on TV.

It has been described as a deeply personal event for the Royals, with it being the final time for them to say their goodbyes in private.

Most coverage of today’s events will end around 6pm, so there will be no way for people at home to see it.


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