Rare kitten born with two faces dies after found unconscious under blanket

An adorable kitten born with two faces has tragically died after miraculously surviving for four days in agony.

The feline named 'Tung Ngern' (bag of silver) and 'Tung Tong' (bag of gold) passed away following her birth in northern Thailand on Sunday ( July 17).

Two-faced kittens rarely make it after a few hours but Tung Ngern and Tony defied the odds after staying alive for nearly five days.

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Owner Anuwat announced the devastating news after her passing on Wednesday morning ( July 20).

He said on social media: "Little Tung and Ngern Tung Tong has died, everyone.

"She has left this world. I don’t know what was wrong. She started struggling to breathe at 1am and I put the blanket over her.

"I opened the blanket at 5:30am and she wasn’t breathing anymore. She was born on July 17 and died on July 20.

"Sleep well, Little One. You don’t need to suffer. Please be born again. We did everything we could. #HaveFunInCatHeaven."

Anuwat, 29, said he saw the kittens mum struggling after she gave birth to one of them, reports Daily Mail.

He rushed the two-year-old to a local animal hospital in Hang Chat, where vets carried out a C-Section, which is when he discovered the kitten had more than one face.

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At the time he told local media that he thought the kitten wouldn't make it until he spent two days caring for her and watching it "fight for its life."

"I've hardly slept at all since it was born because it cannot hold its head up and needs constant attention," said Anuwat.

He thought they were out of the dark after she started drinking milk from both of its mouths, but she suddenly took a turn for the worse.

Two-faced kittens are also known as Janus cats and are named after the two-faced Roman god Janus.

Despite the odds being against the kitten's survival, one grey two-faced kitten shocked Massachusetts in the US and lived for 15 years.

The furry pet named 'Frank and Louie' was honoured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest surviving Janus cat in 2012.

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