Reddit cracks mystery of tiny stickers covering every bin in the country

Brits have been left baffled by a collection of stickers left on top of bins across the country, and are just realising what they are.

Amid a series of humorous replies to what they could actually be was the answer to a question leaving members of the public scratching their heads.

Some may have seen the collection of stickers draped over the top of bins around the country, but an explanation for what they could be was absent for many Brits.

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Stickers collected on the top of a dustbin read "peel off the sticker before use" and some simply said "open", and Reddit users have since revealed the vape pens behind the bin graffiti.

Plenty of Reddit forum users chimed in to reveal what the stickers could be, with some initially thinking it could be "chewing gum" wrappers.

But it turned out to be that of vape pen purchases, with the sticker used to stop the vape firing off before purchase, as one user handily explained.

They wrote: "They block the air hole in disposable vapes. They have no on-off button so it stops them firing before they’re sold."

Another user added: "Blocks the airflow hole on disposable vapes whilst packaged, either to protect the air pressure sensor or to prevent leaking if they sit for a while."

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It would appear many vape users had the same idea for what to do with the sticker, slap it on the top of a bin.

Their hodgepodge collage of "peel here" stickers roused a little anger in the Reddit community though, with one user suggesting: "People love making a mess."

One user questioned why people needed to stick it on a bin in the first place, with a separate forum poster suggesting "people are a**holes."

Still those "safety feature" stickers are to prevent vapes firing off before being purchased, so they do serve their purpose before heading to a sticky grave on the top of a bin.

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