Roast Busters: Two accused in court seven years after case; names kept secret for now

The two men charged in relation to the so-called Roast Busters scandal have appeared in court.

The first to appear, a 24-year-old man, wore a facemask as he entered the courtroom.

He is charged with sexual connection with a young person.

Lawyer Ron Mansfield represented him and sought interim name suppression.

The Herald opposed interim name suppression but suppression was granted until the man’s next appearance, when he will appear before a judge.

The second man appeared in court without a facemask.

He also sought interim name suppression.

Police made an application for interim name suppression as well.

Like the other accused man, he was also charged with having sexual connection with a young person.

Police allege the offending happened between late 2012 and early 2013 and involved a girl aged 14 at the time.

Both men were remanded on bail without plea until January 15.

They appeared in Waitākere District Court before a Deputy Registrar and their names were left off the public list inside the courtroom.

The two men were charged and a warrant issued for a third man more than seven years after the “Roast Busters” scandal.

Members of themostly West Auckland group in 2013 allegedly boasted on social media about having sex with drunk and underage girls.

The saga raised questions about alcohol and the issue of consent.

And it also emerged police did not at first properly investigate complaints from several young women.

The publicity prompted a second investigation, Operation Clover, which identified 110 girls who had social contact with the so-called Roast Busters.

But in October 2014, police said nobody would be charged in relation to Operation Clover.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority identified failures in how police originally investigated complaints about the Roast Busters group as far back as 2011.

The group derived its name from the Ghostbusters film and a euphemism for a sex act.

Last week, Detective Inspector John Sutton said police received a complaint from an individual earlier this year about alleged sexual offending involving three males in 2013.

Sutton said a warrant to arrest would be sought for a third man, who currently lives overseas.

“That person will be arrested if he returns to New Zealand,” Sutton said last week.

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