Royal superfan has 2,000 souvenirs and says they are extension of his family

A Brazilian Royal Family superfan who has so far collected more than 2,000 bits of memorabilia has claimed that the Windsors are an “extension of [his] own family.”

Savio Valei, 22, has been building an enormous stash of memorabilia since he was 15, which includes a doll of Kate Middleton that is “50cm long” and cost him £240 (1,500 Brazilian real).

The collection is sat in his bedroom, which is decorated from floor to ceiling with a wide range of royal memorabilia.

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He admitted to the PA news agency that his display is filling up fast, and there is little room for everything he’s collected.

Savio, a lawyer by trade, turns 23 a week after the Coronation and is such a superfan that he’s celebrating his birthday on the same day as King Charles’ Coronation.

He said he has “always loved British history” and first became interested in the royal family after the birth of Princess Charlotte, saying “it was love at first sight”.

“I remember that on May 9, 2015 I was celebrating my 15th birthday and everyone was talking about the clothes that Prince George wore to visit his newborn sister,” he said.

“I like the Royal Family because first of all, they are a family,” he said.

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“I just love the legacy they carry – the royal genealogy, the history, the tradition, and I also enjoy following their lives and work.

“They are like an extension of my own family.

“I’ve followed them all these years, I celebrate the important dates and I’m saddened by the deaths and family fights.”

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He said that he is looking forward to Charles and Camilla officially becoming the UK’s monarch.

“Charles has been preparing for many years to be King, so I’d say he is more than fit for this supreme role,” he said.

“Camilla will also make an excellent Queen, she has earned my respect and admiration during these years of working for the royal family.”


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