Russia loses full stockpile of BM-27 Uragan rockets in Ukrainian missile attack – VIDEO

Ukrainian missile attack devastates Russian missile stockpile

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The video footage released by Ukraine’s military forces shows the aftermath of an onslaught on Russian weapons. The stockpile of Russian artillery was located East of rural Ukraine at the time of destruction. Ukrainian forces managed to track and located the stockpile of BM-27 Uragan rockets by using top-of-the-range drone systems. The ongoing invasion of Ukraine has been heating up this week as Ukrainian forces continue to fight back against Russian troops making advancements on their land.

Ukrainian servicemen tracked Russia’s stockpile of BM-27 Uragan rockets, which were strategically placed away from the frontlines of the battlefield.

Ukraine’s army managed to strike the stockpile with accuracy and precision.

The aftermath of the Ukrainian attack shows thick heavy spoke blowing up into the sky.

The video footage shows that the cloud of smoke was so thick that the flames of the fire contained in the area where the weapons stockpile was hit cannot be seen on the drone footage.

Russian officials are yet to announce if there were any casualties, and no Russian servicemen can be seen running from the scene. 

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Users on social media have been reacting to the footage of the obliterated Russian weapons.

One user @Murphy_Duke said: “It’s just a litmus test of what to befall Russians, her citizens could not advise their president who is seeking to be a world power to follow due process but rather went against a peaceful sovereignty nation for genocidal operation. Night shall befall y’all.”

@DoughBauch said: “Be helpful if they could capture all this ammo instead of destroying it, but it weakens the thugs just the same!”

@JonB412 said: “Location is likely deep behind enemy lines and no way to get to it or get it out from there.”

@CBohemund said: “Impressive work. Not just the artillery, and the drones to correct fire, but also the intel going on behind the scenes to find and identify these munition dumps. No idea if SOF or local civs or drones looking for tyre tracks, but all good!”

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@DanielFrishber1 said: “Whatever that was, it is long gone and anyone who was near it is too.”

@RadicalWoman111 said: “I love how Ukrainian UAVs are always flying above obliterated Russian warcraft like a righteous Valkyrie. No Valhalla for orcs.”

@Fassty100 said: “At the end of the year, Russia lost its machines and honour, Ukraine got its land back. Live both sides will be lost because of an autocrat’s dream of empire… And as in world war 2, heroes on both sides, but only freedom defenders will be honoured.”

@Rutilo70240642 said: “Today the beautiful gestures of “goodwill” are multiplying.”

Western countries are continuing to supply Ukrainian forces with top-of-the-range weapons in order to help them push back the Russian advance on their land.

Dr Jack Watling from (RUSI) Royal United Services Industry has praised the British Government for sending Ukraine weapons.

Dr Watling said: “I don’t think it’s a significant shift in Government policy the UK has been determined to provide Ukraine with what it needs.

“And these systems are precisely what Ukraine needs, they allow the Ukrainians to outrange a lot of the Russian artillery systems.

“And also to strike with precision, these will strike as precisely as the coordinates that they receive.

“And so that means that the Ukrainians can start to knock out and hold at risk the Russian artillery that is at the moment systematically destroying towns across Eastern Ukraine.”


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