SAS icon hits out at calamitous Biden as US moan about UK troops making us look bad

Afghanistan: EU cannot ‘just follow America’ says Greek MP

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Phil Campion was responding to reports that US military chiefs had asked British special forces to stop staging rescue missions in Kabul because it was “making them look bad”. The request – which was allegedly firmly rejected by the SAS – came after Washington was said to have put pressure on their own special forces not to venture into Kabul amid risks of being captured by the Taliban.

Speaking about the issue, Mr Campion – who spent three years in Afghanistan working in the private security sector – told that Mr Biden had “no understanding” of the situation on the ground.

He told “If there’s a job to be done and Biden’s not allowing them to do it then that is extremely frustrating for everyone concerned.

“From what I’ve seen over how they pulled out of Bagram Airport (in Kabul) it has been extremely poor the way Biden has handled things.

“If you take any of your lessons from social media there is also a bit of spin coming in from Russia and China.

“Soldiers are soldiers and our guys are professionals. If there are differences upstairs it won’t make any difference at ground level.

“But I would imagine that they (US special forces) are extremely frustrated especially when they realise that people need to be helped.

“I think the whole withdrawal process has been an absolute calamity, he’s never looked at it properly.

“From the very onset he has not taken into consideration what happens on the ground.

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“He’s withdrawn at the wrong time and has not left anything in place.

“We (the West) were propping the whole thing up and he pulled out the rug from underneath.

“That is totally unacceptable.”

He spoke after a controversial American media report said a US officer told British special forces that their operations were making America “look bad” politically.

A UK special forces source later told the Mirror: “It is true that there have been robust conversations in recent days out there – but these are very professional soldiers doing an extremely difficult job.

“There has been no long-term fallout between special forces groups on the ground and they are working quite brilliantly together on the rescue mission.”

The source even claimed that UK special forces were now working with the Taliban to speed up the evacuation.

They continued: “There is a very unlikely but practical relationship being formed by extremely adept UK special forces operators out there in leveraging the Taliban.

“This is a purely practical development in order to ensure as many British and entitled Afghans get out of the country safely and as soon as possible.

“British forces are having to use their initiative and that so far has worked very well.”

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