‘Save the economy’ Hundreds of people gather at anti-lockdown protest in Ireland

A video shows hundreds of people waving placards attending an anti-lockdown and anti-face mask protest in Dublin on Saturday.

In the clip, shared on Twitter, protesters wave signs with slogans like "fear promotes fear think for yourself", "fear is the virus", and even "paedophilia is the virus".

Another sign being held up reads: "Save the economy".

The camera then pans around to give a wide view of the demonstration at Custom House Quay in the city centre, where people are clapping and cheering and waving Irish flags.

Irish musician Jim Corr shared the footage on Twitter – where it has since been viewed more than 790,000 times.

"Great turn out at the protest in Dublin," he said in the caption.

But the protest has stoked divisions, with many people supporting the lockdown which they claim is saving lives and other people strongly opposed to what they say is an attack on personal freedom.

Even former X Factor stars Jedward got in on the row, with the twins branding Corr "idiotic" for supporting the rally.

In a furious Twitter post, they wrote: “G’wan leave the whole country ‘breathless’ from Covid because of your idiotic behaviour @Jimcorrsays."

In responses, The Corrs guitarist hit back: "Shut up you fools and grow a brain between you."

The Republic of Ireland still has some lockdown measures in force, in the hope they will curb the number of coronavirus cases.

Four people were arrested during the largely-peaceful protest on Saturday afternoon, Dublin Live reports.

The protest was organised by Health Freedom Ireland, with the aid of Yellow Vest Ireland.

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