Scary moment 10ft great white shark circles kayaker and tries to bite paddle

A fisherman had a close encounter with a hungry great white shark when it tried to take a chunk out of his paddle.

Matthew Gorne was out fishing at Spencer Gulf, about six miles outside of Port Augusta in South Australia on Monday (November 8) when he spotted the apex predator lurking around his kayak.

Sharing the astonishing GoPro footage on Facebook, the pro angler pulled up the paddle and sat still on the small vessel while watching the shark swim past.

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As he panned around, the shark closed in on him from the left, then went past his kayak before it turned around and breached the water surface.

It proceeded to jump out of water, trying to sink its teeth on the man's paddle.

Matthew believed the shark measured about three metres long (9.8 feet).

"F***!" he screamed and he quickly paddled his way to the port.

"I know I'm stupid for going out there without a shark shield," he told the Advertiser. "I will definitely be investing in one now though."

A spokesman for the local council said the seaside area was popular with fishermen as it's known for kingfish and snapper.

But he also pointed out that it is also the reason why the area was infested with sharks.

He said: "It's a spot where a lot of fishermen berley the water… fortunately for most sharks that come up here are usually well fed by the kingfish. Where there's big fish there’s often bigger fish."

Matthew shared the video on Facebook, where people were amazed by his experience, with one writing: "Awesome pic bro. Glad he didn't have a nibble."

A second commented: "The shark is coming up to say 'Thanks for the Kingy'", while a third added: "I've been in that spot on a yak and had a shark do more or less the same – awesome experience. You're very fortunate."


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