Serious incident: Hamilton joggers injured by gaggle of geese at fun run

A gaggle of geese caused havoc at a running event in Hamilton after a “serious incident” saw joggers attacked over the weekend.

Hamilton Lake parkrun, which organises free 5km event runs every Saturday around the city’s lake, was not long under way when joggers were ducking and diving for safety just 500m into the run.

Organisers said the geese attacked three female runners, and alerted Hamilton City Council to the frightening incident.

“We had quite a serious incident in the weekend with a goose attacking 3 of our female front runners about 500m into our event,” they wrote on Facebook.

“We have reported this to the Hamilton City Council and will continue to follow up with them to establish a plan to keep our parkrunners, and members of the public too safe.”

Event organisers confirmed two of the three victims suffered bruising, while they are still trying to make contact with the third person involved in the incident.

“Luckily our parkrunners are okay although bruised! Well two of the three, if you were the third lady we would love to hear from you to make sure you are also okay.

“Please be aware and careful around the geese. We will do a check prior to this weekend’s event to continue to ensure your safety.”

One jogger, who says they believe they were the third person attacked by the geese, responded to event organisers saying she was hit by one of the feathery attackers.

She says the damage was mostly done by friends and family making fun of her unfortunate situation.

“I think this may have been me, I was hit by one! Gave me a fright but no injuries to report just laughter and jokes from the family haha,” she responded on Facebook.

Locals have since taken to social media to share their experiences with the aggressive geese terrorising the lake paths.

“Those geese have been scary for a couple years now they had me running with my toddler in my arms a few times,” one revealed.

Another added: “Not just the geese I run the lake most days for a year now and the geese have never attacked me but the pukekos have almost every time I run they are nasty!”

“It’s my worst nightmare,” a third claimed.

Hamilton Lake parkrun has hosted the weekly event for eight years and says this is the first incident it has encountered.

This week’s event is still scheduled to go ahead.

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