Sex and violence underbelly of resort where Harry Maguire ‘fought gangster’

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Mykonos has become a favourite getaway destination for footie stars who flock to the island for its sun-kissed beaches and energetic nightlife.

This year it has also proved popular with stars, among England’s Harry Maguire and Dele Alli, for managing to keep off the government’s quarantine list.

Temperatures typically reach an average of 29C during the day and about 24C at night, making it a sun worshiper’s dream destination.

And it’s at night where Mykonos truly comes alive, with the island boasting some of the most exclusive nightclubs that attract DJs such as Calvin Harris, Erick Morillo and Fatboy Slim to play sets in front of thousands.

But, its paradise vibes hide a more sinister underbelly.

Gangs have also made their home on Mykonos, keen to cash in on the celeb holiday culture and have been known to regularly target holidaymakers who visit the island.

In other cases, assaults and brawls have broken out in the island’s nightclubs and bars.

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire’s sister, 20-year-old Daisy, was stabbed in the arm with a metal straw by an alleged “gangster-style” Albanian businessman.

Greek police said officers then had top break up an altercation between two groups outside a bar where they said three foreigners had verbally abused and assaulted one of the policemen.

The England defender was later arrested on suspicion of assault, disobedience and bribery in connection to the incident.

Maguire strongly denied the allegations made against him.

Since the island became a popular tourist destination, locals and sun-worshipers alike have had to handle rising levels of crime and the injection of gangs hoping to use Mykonos as a stepping stone to selling drugs in the rest of Greece and Europe.

Last year, Myknos’s mayor Dimitris Tzanos submitted a letter marked “urgent” where he warned the island’s police force was “tragically understaffed”.

He continued, climbing it was unable to handle a spike in thefts, burglaries, drug-related crimes and also violence.

His plea for help from the mainland came on July 26, one day after a man was shot and injured what local media dubbed an apparent turf war between rival gangs.

Shortly after the letter was sent, a man was apprehended carrying a small arsenal of weapons to the island on a ferry.

Earlier this month, Greek police arrested a man detained a 38-year-old man, who they suspect is a member of a drug-smuggling gang after they found a suitcase packed with cannabis inside.

They suspected the cannabis would be sold by dealers to punters keen to get high on holiday.

Many lustful visitors also take advantage of the legal prostitution with the island being known as a hotbed for sex workers.

But, many women are exploited by gangsters who smuggle many onto Mykonos from eastern Europe where they are then forced to sell sex.

Many traffickers and pimps manipulate the victims and strip them of their passports and ID before pimps take the money earned and pocket it for themselves.

Fortunately, most people who visit Mykonos manage to avoid becoming the victims of organised crime and enjoy their time soaking in the Sun.

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