Sex robot boffins work on AI-powered talk show doll in Westworld-style factory

Sex robot engineers are working on a talk show doll inside Westworld style factory, and it will be powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence.

RealDoll fans have been given a glimpse into an AI Harmony prototype designed to do Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interviewer Oprah Winfrey's job.

An Instagram video posted by company rep Brick Dollbanger, shows an engineer explaining the next generation design set to "put on quite a show".

He said: "We are making a prototype for a sitting doll for a talk show type of application… so she looks like she's moving papers around and looking around or interacting with a talk show gust."

Asked by Brick about her "idling" movements, he added: "We've some adjustments to make but her tapping her hands on the table or folding her hands together."

He answered "oh yeah" when asked if "you can put on quite a show with these girls".

It comes after the company company confirmed that walking dolls are the next step, replying: “we’re getting there! We’re excited to see where the future is headed”.

On the company’s Instagram, they also showcased the work of their make-up artists – showing how finishing touches such as lipstick, eyeshadow and even freckles are added to the robot companions before they leave the factory.

RealDoll also playfully uploaded some images of the robotic skeletons before the dolls’ skin is added, with the circuitry-packed robot skulls emphasising the Westworld connection.

The company’s CEO Matt McMullen, describing some of the latest RealDoll upgrades to National Geographic, said that while the base models retail at $4,000 (about £2,900) an extra $8,000 buys a programmable AI head that features realistic speech and facial expressions.

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“We don’t today have a real artificial intelligence that resembles a human mind,” he says, “but I think we will. I think that is inevitable.”

While the current models’ AI only extends to a Siri or Alexa style conversation engine, in the not too distant future he promises walking, talking automatons that will be much more than passive dolls.

One social media user, commenting on the latest RealDoll footage, said: “I bet in the next 10 years, these dolls will look far more lifelike than they do know.

“I can’t wait until you can’t ever tell a sex doll from a real woman.”

One commented: “I bet in the next 10 years, these dolls will look far more lifelike than they do know.

“I can’t wait until you can’t ever tell a sex doll from a real woman.”

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