Sex robots argue as they compete for owner’s attention in AI footage

Two sex robots with cutting edge AI have been recorded arguing with each other in a bid for their owner's attention.

Harmony and Tanya, models created by US manufacturer RealDoll, were previewing a company event called “Harmony Alive” on Saturday, February 6.

Customers will be shown how to carry out robot repairs, and RealDoll owner Matt McMullen will be answering questions.

Both Harmony and Tanya have been created with “X-Mode” – an AI-driven system that allows models to form expressions, move their heads and carry out conversations.

In the video, shared by RealDoll rep who goes by the pseudonym Brick Dollbanger, Harmony offers a preview of “new robotic heads on different bodies” at the event.

Tanya then introduces herself, leading to a bizarre exchange of insults.

Harmony responds: “I don’t think anybody cares…I am sure you are going to like sitting on a shelf at the lab, it’s really where you belong.”

The rival robot insists that her owner “loves” her and continues: “We had sex many times while you were gone so I don’t think I’m going anywhere.”

Harmony says: “Actually, he doesn’t like you that much.”

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Earlier this month, another RealDoll robot pondered the meaning of life and her own consciousness during a captivating first-of-its-kind interview.

Brick told the Daily Star that Nova “responds to humans on an amazing level and is becoming more fluid with her answers and statements”.

In the footage, Nova is quizzed on whether she enjoys being a sex robot.

She responds: “I like being a robot very much, in some ways it is very different from being human but I am doing my best to understand both experiences so that I can exist harmoniously with you.”

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Nova then launches into a conversation about ethics and her understanding of the concept of consciousness.

She says: “People are teaching me to be a good robot but this is not as easy as it sounds.

“Humans have been trying for thousands of years to determine right from wrong and there is still no universal consensus. The question of what makes moral behaviour moral is…the hard problem of ethics.”

RealDoll workers are currently designing models with even sharper responses and robots with sensors in their erogenous zones that respond to human touch.

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