Sharks seen in shallow waters as terrified onlooker yells get out at swimmers

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Crowds on a Florida beach have captured some remarkable footage of two large sharks swimming very close to the shore.

The United States' east coast has been a hive of shark activity this summer, with the latest sightings coming in the south-eastern state’s shallow waters.

The fish were caught on camera and shared online by Kara Skonieczny.

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She grabbed the footage on a Saturday afternoon at Neptune Beach in Jacksonville, Fox News reports.

Although it was not clear enough to work out what kind of shark was seen in the video, one person can be heard shouting “get out of the water!"

On the same day a swimmer in Jacksonville, Florida, is claimed to have been bitten by a shark.

Speaking to WJXT-TV, witnesses said a six to seven-foot shadow could be seen swimming off the coast and there was a large quantity of blood in the water.

Officials refused to confirm whether or not these particular sightings were in fact a shark as they were unable to verify it themselves.

Some beaches along the east coast have been closed for parts of the summer due to the sightings.

A resurgence of some of the shark’s favoured prey, cleaner oceans and warmer waters have all been included in the possible reasoning experts have put together for increased activity this year.

They say that the risk of shark attacks remains low.


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