Shocking video shows pupils attacking Sikh boy on way home treated as hate crime

Police have launched a hate crime investigation after a sickening incident involving two secondary students attacking a young Sikh boy in Telford.

Video circulating on social media captures the boy from the Sikh community being pushed to the ground by two other boys and then struck a number of times in the head.

During the fight, the boys, who appear to be of similar age, put the victim in a headlock and his turban is left hanging off.

Others boys are heard laughing as the boy is pushed to the ground, pinned down and punched repeatedly.

Charlton School said it had taken "swift and appropriate action".

They wrote in a statement online: "Charlton School is aware of an incident that took place on Friday, November 13, involving a number of our students, on their way home from school.

"We have taken swift, immediate and appropriate action, including sanctions and targeted intervention for the perpetrators. A police investigation is ongoing, and we are co-operating fully."

The secondary school also said the incident did not take place during the normal hours of the school day and the staff have taken "full responsibility" for working with all students involved.

"We are in contact with the parents of all those involved, who tell us they are satisfied with the actions we have taken," they added.

"The school is also working closely with the local Sikh community and its leaders at this time."

West Mercia Police confirmed that they are aware of a video of the incident circulating on social media.

They said: "We are treating this as a hate crime and with the utmost seriousness.

"Our inquiries into the motivation around the incident are continuing and we are working with our local communities to provide reassurance."

West Mercia Superintendent Jim Baker added: "The boys involved in this incident have been identified and our inquiries are continuing.

"This also includes joint working between our youth offending team and the school to ensure suitable action is taken."

Daily Star has contacted Charlton School for comment.

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