Sicko Brits pouring tea and coffee on their cornflakes branded deviants

Cereal psychos are pouring tea and coffee on their breakfast cereal instead of milk.

A staggering 13% of folk admit they like to drench their morning cornflakes and Rice Krispies with a brew.

It comes just weeks after we revealed the shock news that Jaffa Cakes had been voted the top biscuit to dip in tea.

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And another study found tea lovers are dunking ­sausage rolls and sandwiches in their drinks.

The bonkers brekkie bombshell was revealed in research by Kellogg’s.

A spokesman for the ­cereal brand said: “It’s been interesting to see the slightly more unusual pairings that Brits are opting for when it comes to their cereal.”

Former England goalie David James caused a stir last week when he revealed he puts hot water instead of milk on his cornflakes to “save the environment”.

The Kellogg’s study found cereal is the UK’s ­favourite breakfast.

We munch 15.4billion bowls a year – enough to fill 185 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Toast took second place, followed by porridge.

The Star says

WE are getting more and more concerned about this country’s eating habits.

Some of the things people are doing are almost immoral.

It was shocking enough to find out there were sickos who dunk their Jaffa Cakes in a brew.

But now we’ve been floored by a vomit-inducing new craze.

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Apparently one in 10 of us have poured a cup of coffee or tea on our cereal.

And there are even crackpots who enjoy their morning muesli with water or fruit juice.

For the love of all that is holy, what are these crunchy nuts doing?

Yes, we live in a permissive society. But there have to be some rules that we adhere to.

So we don’t think it is going over the top at all to suggest that this sort of caper should be made an illegal offence.

It’s enough to make you cry into your cornflakes.

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