Six convicted sex offenders arrested for consuming drugs and alcohol at their transitional facility

Six convicted sex offenders have been arrested for smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol near the Spring Hill Corrections Facility.

The six appeared in court on Friday, May 6, after being arrested in the early hours of the day for consuming alcohol and smoking from a pipe at the Kaainga Taupua residential facility.

Mark Cleaver, Operations Director Central Region said police were contacted, and alcohol, cannabis and other drug utensils were found on the property – which have been removed.

“Offenders accommodated at this facility are required to comply with any court or New Zealand Parole Board imposed conditions, alongside strict house rules,” Cleaver said.

“Any person who breaches their conditions or these house rules is held to account.”

Cleaver said all the men have convictions for child sex offending and are subject to extended supervision orders.

Three of the men were released by the Court on bail back to the facility while the other three were remanded in custody in prison.

“For the men who have returned to the facility, their probation officer will meet with them and fully reinforce that they must comply with their conditions and that if they don’t they will be held to account,” Cleaver added.

Kaainga Taupua comprises of eight, four bedroom homes housing people who are subject to community based orders.

It is a transitional facility for people after finishing a prison sentence to give them somewhere stable to live with access to wrap around support services.

Although the facility is on prison land, people who reside there can leave the property under the law and Corrections does not have the authority to search either the men or their residence. It is also not staffed by Corrections.

“At present many defendants and offenders face challenges finding suitable accommodation,” Cleaver said.

“Without assistance many people leaving prison may otherwise be homeless, posing a greater risk to the community.”

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