Spewing atomic waste! Russia building nuclear missiles considered too dangerous by US

Russia is developing new nuclear super weapons warns expert

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Russia policy expert Clint Ehrlich has claimed Putin’s military is running a secret programme of “superweapons” capable of taking on the United States – in the event of talks over Ukraine breaking down. Mr Ehrlich’s warning comes as the Kremlin continue to mass troops near Ukraine, provoking Western fears of an invasion.

Mr Ehrlich told Express.co.uk: “There are additional super weapons that they’ve been developing, including a nuclear-powered cruise missile.

“This was actually something that the United States looked at during the Cold War and it was viewed to be too dangerous.

“Because the fear is that if the nuclear reactor on the bottom of the missile malfunctions, you can just have this thing that starts going around the earth over and over and over again spewing nuclear waste everywhere.

“Russia has been developing that as a potential weapon.”

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He added: “It’s believed that one of them malfunctioned and it ended up on the bottom of the ocean.

“They had an elite team that tried to go and recover it and there was a nuclear accident that killed members of their elite Spetsnaz unit and scientists.

“But they haven’t given up developing that technology.

“Because they’re so determined to maintain nuclear superiority over the West after the withdrawal of the [Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty].”

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On Thursday, Russia argued the US was not willing to address the Kremlin’s main security concerns regarding Ukraine’s possible entry into NATO. 

The US and NATO submitted a written response on Wednesday to demands Russia has made for a redrawing of post-Cold War security arrangements in Europe.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow needed time to review the response and would not rush to conclusions, but that US and NATO statements describing Russia’s main demands as unacceptable did not leave much room for optimism.

“Based on what our (US and NATO) colleagues said yesterday, it’s absolutely clear that on the main categories outlined in those draft documents… we cannot say that our thoughts have been taken into account or that a willingness has been shown to take our concerns into account,” he said.


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“But we won’t rush with our assessments.”

The Russian foreign ministry said the best way to reduce tensions was for NATO to withdraw forces from eastern Europe, but also sought to quash fears of an invasion.

Alexei Zaitsev, a ministry spokesman, said: “We have already repeatedly stated that our country does not intend to attack anyone.

“We consider even the thought of a war between our people to be unacceptable.”

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