Stark pictures show Ukrainians scramble for cover in Metro station after attacks

Russia launched a pre-dawn air raid on Ukraine’s capital Tuesday, killing at least one person and sending Kyiv’s residents again scrambling into shelters to escape a relentless wave of daylight and nighttime bombardments, while Moscow authorities said the Russian capital was attacked by drones.

Photos of Kyiv residents looking for shelter in Metro stations emerged as a damning reality check of the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Before daylight, the buzzing of drones could be heard over the city, followed by loud explosions as they were taken down by air defense systems.

In Moscow, residents reported hearing explosions and the Defence Ministry later said that eight drones had been fired at the city in what it called a “terrorist attack” by the “Kyiv regime”. It said five had been shot down and the systems of three were jammed, causing them to veer off course.

Ukraine has denied involvement in the early morning attack, but Zelensky’s aid said they welcomed the strikes, adding: “Of course we have nothing directly to do with this”. Today’s attacks would be one of its deepest strikes into Russia so far since Russia invaded Ukraine more than 15 months ago. Since the war began, Moscow has launched unrelenting drone and missile attacks at Ukraine’s cities, frequently killing civilians.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said in a Telegram post that the attack caused “insignificant damage” to several buildings. Two people received medical attention for unspecified injuries but did not need to go to hospital, he said.

Residents of two buildings damaged in the attack were evacuated, Sobyanin said.

Downing Street has said it was confident that no British-supplied equipment was used in the drone attack on Moscow.

The UK has said it will supply “long-range attack drones” to the Kyiv government to help resist the Russian invasion.

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Asked if the Government was confident that no British equipment was used in the reported attack on the Russian capital, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “Yes.”

The spokesman said: “I can’t speculate on the origin of the attacks, I’m not going to do so.

“Obviously what we have seen are significant attacks on Kyiv in recent days, including on civilians.”

He said Russia “has the power to immediately end this war and we continue to ask them to do so”.

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It was the second reported an attack on Moscow, after authorities said two drones reportedly targeted the Kremlin earlier this month in what was labeled an attempt on President Vladimir Putin’s life.

In the attacks overnight on Kyiv, one person died and seven were injured, according to the municipal military administration. A high-rise building in the Holosiiv district caught fire after being hit by debris either from from drones being hit or interceptor missiles.

The building’s upper two floors were destroyed, and there may be people under the rubble, the Kyiv Military Administration said. More than 20 people were evacuated.

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